Reducing and Controlling Legal Costs

May 26, 2016

It is our firm policy to provide the best value possible to you.  From the outset, it is important for clients and prospective clients to understand how to reduce their legal fees:

  1. Organization: have all of your documentation readily available and organized. The documentation required depends on the type of matter, but our firm will inform you early on of the documentation required.
  2. Prepare: know the facts of your matter.  Create a timeline of important dates, and include the names of witnesses and documentation available.  Have lists of assets and debts available for your lawyer.
  3. Communicate: The things you tell your lawyer are confidential.  Be honest with your lawyer, so that she can determine the best legal strategy upfront. This can help avoid unnecessary legal fees.
  4. Inquire about flat-fee billing. Some firms, like this one, love to offer flat-fee billing.  It provides you more certainty about the cost of your legal matter, and lets the firm provide you better value. Speak to Hailey about flat-fee billing and which types of matters it is available for!
  5. Communicate your fee expectations: Do you walk into a fancy steakhouse and order the filet minion only to be surprised your bill was expensive? Legal services are like restaurants. Simply by communicating your fee expectations and working with your lawyer, you can manage your legal expenses to fit your budget.