Collaborative Law

July 16, 2018

Separation or divorce does not always have to end up in court – even if you and your ex-partner are having trouble agreeing on certain parts of your separation.

In its traditional form, collaborative family law involves 2 lawyers – one for you, and one for your ex-partner, one financial professional, and one family professional.  The lawyers are there to help each of you understand the law, and your rights.  The financial professional will work with both of you together to work through your finances and financial affairs – to find financial synergies and savings, and to understand where you both are financially.  The family professional will assist with parent plans, and some counselling.

The main premise behind collaborative law is the agreement you and your ex-partner make to each other: to work together, and not to go to court (unless the process breakdown).

In some cases, collaborative law is less costly than litigation, because there are financial synergies, and reduced legal fees to work towards a separation agreement.

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